Electrical Test Equipment

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electrical test equipment Electrical test equipment is avilable for rent from Technical Diagnostic Services. We offer for rent a wide variety of instruments for high voltage equipment, equipment calibration, clamp on multimeters, motor winding testing, high voltage relays, biddle test equipment, transformer power factor, predictive maintenance, digital multimeters, power factor test equipment for industrial applications.

Product Categories: AC Hipots, Battery Testing, Bridges, Cable Fault Locators, Circuit Breaker Testing - High Current, Circuit Breaker Testing - Secondary Injection, Circuit Breaker Travel Analyzer, Circuit Tracer, Clamp-on Amp Meters, Clamp-On Current Probes, Current Transformer Test Set, DC Hipots, Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters, Dynamic Signal Analyzer, Frequency Counters/Generators, Function Generator(See Frequency), Ground Resistance/Earth Testers, High Voltage Probes, Infrared Cameras, Insulation Testers, LCR Meters, Leak Detectors, Motor and Rotating Testing Equipment, Motor Surge Testing, Multimeters, Oil Analyzers, Oil Dielectric Testers, Phantom Loads, Phase Angle Meters, Phase Shifters, Phasing Testers, Portable Power Generators, Power Factor Testers, Relay Test Sets, Resistance Decade Boxes, Tic Tracers (See Voltage Detectors), Time Domain Reflectometers(See Cable Fault Locators), TTRs, Variacs, Watthour Standard, Winding Resistance Test Set

These instruments and sensors are used to measure, analyze, control, calibrate, display and record data in a wide range of situations.